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A.   Reading

1.       Because the equipment is very delicate, it must be handled with …
a.       Caring
b.      Careful
c.       Care
d.      Carefully
2.       If the client … dissatisfied, please have him write a letter.
a.       Am
b.      Is
c.       Are
d.      Be
3.       My acquaintance with Mr. Broughton started as a business relationship and be came a …
a.       Friends
b.      Friendly
c.       Friendless
d.      Friendship
4.       The train will be arriving … Tokyo in ten minutes.
a.       Before
b.      In
c.       Around
d.      At
5.       The meeting was postponed because the typists weren’t able to get the work … in time.
a.       Do
b.      Done
c.       Did
d.      Does
6.       If the receptionists is unable to answer your question, Ms. Takai … help you.
a.       Can
b.      Did
c.       Could not
d.      Would not
7.       We rely on Ms. Lee for her experience, sensitivity,and …  advice.
a.       Wisdom
b.      Wisely
c.       Wise
d.      Wiser
8.       Mr. Moore expects to … about 20.000 dollar next year.
a.       Salary
b.      Earn
c.       Worth
d.      Income
9.       The secretary asked a clerk to check the report for typing …
a.       Errands
b.      Errs
c.       Errors
d.      Errant
10.   Mr. Kim is considered one of the most honest … most hardworking members of the finance team.
a.       But
b.      Or
c.       And
d.      With
11.   The retirement luncheon has been changed from 12:00 … 12:30.
a.       At
b.      To
c.       Until
d.      By
12.   The president of the company … to Korea for an important conference.
a.       Went
b.      Gone
c.       Going
d.      Go
13.   Since Mr. Takahashi attends afternoon classes, he … the night shift.
a.       Will be always working
b.      Will always be working
c.       Will be working always
d.      Always will be working
14.   The copy machine has been installed … the two offices.
a.       Among
b.      Around
c.       Between
d.      From
15.   The student intern needs permission to take time off for a … interview.
a.       Job
b.      Worker
c.       Golf
d.      Chore
16.   The employees at the factory eat lunch at the cafeteria at least …
a.       Often
b.      Sometimes
c.       Always
d.      Twice a week
17.   Employees must turn off  the lights … they leave the office.
a.       Afterward
b.      Before
c.       While
d.      Because
18.   … it was the office manager’s birthday, the secretaries sent her roses.
a.       But
b.      Eventhough
c.       Since
d.      While
19.   Employees of the Kita corporation are encouraged to do exercises … during their breaks.
a.       Oftentimes
b.      Every day
c.       Monthly
d.      Day by day
20.   The operator was not able to find the address … telephone number.
a.       Or
b.      Although
c.       But
d.      Eventhough
21.   Our main concern are that the machine will be quickly be outdated.
  A                              B     C                                                                  D
22.   The Personnel Department has a lot of application that has collected over the past five years.
  A                                                                        B                               C                           D
23.   Ms. Lania hired a new assistant who he used to work at the bank across the street.
                                          A                           B                       C                                      D
24.   The new employee did not want to ask for help even though he cannot understand the directions.                                            A              B             C                       D
25.   The secretary does not think it is her responsibilityto answer the phones after  5p.m an I’m sure
                           A                                              B
it’s not our.
  C           D
26.   Mr. Jones answered the phone for the manager during she went to deliver the paycheck.
                          A                 B           C                              D
27.   The management is planning to buy computer to organize all the company’s file
                  A                       B                            C                 D
28.   Mr. Wiesman like his coffee with the sugar and a little milk.
                           A    B                               C                      D
29.   The good news about the new project have finally arrived.
                      A                          B        C          D

30.   All employees would be evaluated by the inspectors at the end of this job.
                                       A                                  B                         C                          D



thanks bnget...soalnya sngt membantu..

sangat membantu saya... terimakasih...

yang nomor 21 sampai 30 itu maksudnya gimana ya ._. diapain?? aku nggak ngerti nih aku baru baru tes toefl heheheh maaf dan terimakasih sebelumnya :)

No. 21 sampai 30 itu dicari yang salah mbak..bener begitu kan mbak Luluk?


iya, dicari salah satu kata yang salah

oya . untuk kunci jawabannya ada ga ya , min ?

hehe maaf , seharusnya ada tapi ga tau ke mana :D

wah keren juga nih
kalo contoh yang buat listening khususnya question and respond ada ngga mbak ?

maaf baru buka blog lagi -_-
untuk respond saya ada mas tapi untuk questionnya ga punya karena dalam bentuk rekaman. :D

kunci jawabannya gada nih mbak? .__.v

katanya ada jawabanya ko gx ada. edit lg biar seruu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mbak kunci jawabannya dong

kunci jawaban : http://peifebritoeic.blogspot.co.id/2015/03/soal-latihan-toeic-pembahasan-toeic.html

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